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Anona_Thibaut Spiwack_By Guilhem Touzery
ANONA offers a gourmet, responsible and sustainable cuisine. This commitment is reflected as well in the products selections (short circuits, seasonal products, local and origin) as in the way of preparing them (reduction of waste, limitation of water consumption, green electricity), and also in the well-being of the teams.
Anona_Thibaut Spiwack_By Guilhem Touzery
Concerned with environmental issues and ecology, Chef Thibaut Spiwack chose to put his energy into a responsible, creative and bold cuisine. He intends to meet the expectations of a clientele concerned about eating better and consuming better.
The restaurant's name is inspired by the annone fruit, of which many species offers gastronomic, medical and pharmaceutical interest. A way to celebrate nature and invite guests to discover unknown products and flavors.
Sharing is Thibaut Spiwack and his team's leitmotiv. Coming to ANONA is the promise of a unique taste experience and a warm moment.
Collection céramique
Because a restaurant isn't only about food, ANONA welcomes you in an elegant modern decor, where wood, stone and copper merge to make your time with us a warm moment.
All of the furniture was produced Ile-de-France by independent designers and the tableware is made of natural materials, such as wood, cement, glass and sandstone. 
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80 Boulevard des Batignolles - 75017 - Paris / / +33 1 84 79 01 15

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